Selling your home is a big deal. Most people sell a house only a few times in their entire life, and they want it done right and through the right person. You might think real estate agents are all the same, but it’s important to consider why you should care who sells your home.
Here are 5 reasons you should care who sells your home.

1.) This is Your Home

Whether you’ve lived there 2 years or 28 years, this is a place you called home. Take the time to find a good, honest real estate agent. You need a good person to help you find your home a good home.

Tip: Have a conversation with your potential real estate agent. Do they take the time to get to know you?

2.) Compassion

Selling your home can be an emotional process and you want someone who will understand that. Your real estate agent should take the time to explain things to you and answer any and all questions you may have.

Tip: Let your real estate agent know how you’re feeling. It will help him or her make the process as smooth as possible.

3.)  Marketing Strategy

Does your real estate agent know how to market a home and is willing to put in the time and effort to effectively market your home. A lot goes into selling a home. Are they going to fill you in on the marketing strategy?

Tip: Ask your real estate agent what their marketing strategy will be for selling your house.

4.) Open Communication

Ask your real estate agent the best way to communicate with them and how often they’ll communicate with you. How available will they be to you? And on the flip side, how available will you be to your real estate agent?

Tip: Remember your real estate agent has a life, too. If they say not to call them after 6pm on weekdays, it’s important to respect that and call them the following day.

5.) Honesty

You need someone who is honest. Someone who will tell you the challenges they may face selling your home and how they plan to overcome them. Or, if they believe you need to price your home higher or lower, they’ll carefully explain why so you understand.

Tip: You expect your real estate agent to be honest, so make sure you’re honest with him or her.